Honolua Bay, Maui

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Before I reveal my current 2012 predictions for Barack Obama and next year's election, let me provide some background on my history of inner visions regarding the President.

One night in late November of 2007, a full year before the 2008 Presidential election, I asked my spirit guides this question: "what is coming up in 2008?" In my mind's eye, I immediately perceived what could best be described as a colorful fireworks display lighting up a clear night sky, and I heard the words "an explosion of light." I sensed right away that this "explosion of light" had far-reaching spiritual implications, and that it also had something to do with Barack Obama. Doubting my interpretation of what I had just seen, I asked my guides "Is this about Obama? Is he going to win the election?" The answer was a clear and unqualified "yes."

That vision surprised me, because at the time, Obama was running third in the polls behind Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, and was viewed as a long-shot to win the Democratic nomination. What made matters even more interesting was the fact that I preferred Dennis Kucinich, whom I believed to be the most spiritually-evolved candidate in the race. I never liked Clinton or Edwards, so when Kucinich dropped out of the running several months later and formally endorsed Obama, I followed suit and voted for Obama too. The rest is history.

My most profound inner vision concerning Barack Obama occurred recently, in November 2011. Moments before I awoke one morning, I heard my guides say "Obama is going to 'drop his mask' in 2012, and then you will see the real Barack Obama." I saw an image of a resolute Obama symbolically removing a mask and revealing his true nature. Later, when I pursued the subject further in meditation, my guides took me even deeper down the rabbit hole.

Here's what my guides said about Obama's true nature, as transcribed directly from my notes: "A deception has taken place, a 'grand scheme' if you will - but those who thought they were in control [note: not Obama, but the dark cabal] will be the ones who get the biggest surprise. Don't be fooled by appearances, as they [the cabal] are and were. Obama has perpetrated a sleight-of-hand on the Old/New World Order, like a great Trojan horse. Things are truly not as they seem."

As always, I speak only my truth, and I leave it to each individual to interpret these words according to their own level of intuitive understanding.

Here then are my 2012 predictions for Barack Obama, with insights from my guides included where appropriate:

1. In 2012, Barack Obama will rediscover and renew the sense of purpose he displayed during his 2008 campaign, and exert a powerful positive influence on the US and the world.

2. Obama will stage a miraculous comeback in terms of impact and popularity. When I mentioned to my guides I thought "it would take a miracle" for Obama to salvage his Presidency after his weak first term, they responded, "Yes, and he has a whole pocket full of them (miracles)."

3. Sometime in the first quarter of 2012 (January-March) Obama will signal a dramatic shift in his overall direction, tone, and strategies as Chief Executive. This shift will take the form of a much stronger, less conciliatory stance in his relationship with his adversaries in Congress. I also expect Obama will begin taking his agenda directly to the American people.

4. Sometime in the second and/or third quarters of 2012 (April-September) a major crisis or series of events will provide Obama an opportunity to lead as never before. My guides said: "This is a time of great upheaval and transition, in both the US and the world. Obama came here to guide us through it. These times require a steady hand, and Obama will be steady and firm."

5. Obama will be a two-term President. He will win re-election in 2012 by a decisive margin over the Republican nominee, most likely Mitt Romney. My guides said: "Obama's second and third acts will be great theater."

6. Shortly after his re-election in November 2012, Obama will announce that a significant number of his Cabinet members, Advisors, and other staff from his current administration, including Hillary Clinton and several other big names, will be departing from the administration. Expect some major surprises here.

7. In late 2012 or early 2013, Obama will participate in a series of international announcements with historic implications, which will forever change our way of life as we currently know it.

Regardless of whether or not my predictions come true, 2012 promises to be an eventful year for Barack Obama, and I certainly look forward to watching everything unfold.

Stay tuned...more 2012 Predictions to come in the next few days!


  1. I got the chills when reading this, Gordon. You know, *those* kind of chills. i'm thinking that my soul sees some genuine truths (or possible realities) in what you wrote. I'm hoping that your accuracy rate is very high! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback; I appreciate you sharing that with me. I too hope some or all of my Obama predictions come to pass - not for the sake of my accuracy, but for what it could mean to the world in these times. It wasn't easy to publish these Obama predictions, because what my guides have told me has been so different from what I've seen in some of his actions. Hoping for the best for all.