Honolua Bay, Maui

Friday, August 26, 2011


I had just settled into my daily meditation when Dao, my inner Master teacher and spirit guide, asked me "Do you really want to know what's going on right now?" I knew instantly, intuitively, he was referring to the increasingly obvious changes in all spheres (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) of our world. I was somewhat caught off guard by the directness of his question, because I had been meaning to ask my guides about some of the inner impressions I had been perceiving, but had not even formulated my own question. (This is just one of the many benefits of working with inner guides and teachers: they always seem to know what you want and/or what you need before you do.)

So here now is what I was told, exactly as I transcribed it immediately after the conclusion of my meditation that day, several weeks ago... 

Barriers are dissolving. Inner barriers (that separate us from various things) such as: past life memories, life lessons, dramas, individual and shared karmic lessons, man-made barriers between us and God, us and Nature, us and each other, and between us and our destiny. Some are conscious barriers we have erected over the course of this life, or many lifetimes, in order to keep things compartmentalized so we can 'make sense' of our world. Outer barriers between time and space and dimensions.

Some of it is caused by the Divine Plan: now is a time of acceleration and learning, because God wills it this way. Some of it is caused by "wish fulfillment" on the part of a critical mass of Humanity that has asked for it, desired it, dreamed of it, and that has incarnated now in order to experience it. 

This is an opportunity for healing much pain and suffering, on many levels: past lives, current lives, repressed memories, individual and group dramas, and tragedies. As these barriers dissolve, and the consciousness or awareness of no separation (no separation in time, space, proximity, seen and unseen dimensions, etc.) expresses - or erupts, as the case may be - into the physical world, it can take many forms. 

Some who are not awake, aware, or conscious at this time may experience it as a nightmarish scenario of personal and/or collective hell coming into being and manifesting in their daily physical reality.

Others who are awake, aware, and conscious at this time can and will experience it as a spontaneous and instantaneous healing, rapture, oneness, beauty, and instant connection to their past, present, and future dimensions. What is manifesting for those individuals is full consciousness and awareness of ALL THAT IS. For these souls, it is an amazing opportunity for growth, development, karmic balancing, acceleration, learning, enlightenment, even cosmic consciousness.    

What is happening right now is happening to all of us. The cause is the same everywhere for everyone. But the effect is different for each individual, and it depends not on their drama, their story, or their circumstances, but on their intention and their courage to face it all, and to allow it, and to accept it, and to be it. 

The time for compartmentalizing life is coming to an end. Going forward, it's all going to play out in real time. Like Neo in The Matrix, when he realizes he is 'The One.' He sees all as one, with no more separation or barriers.

The unconscious will experience this as a time when they can manifest much more rapidly their lower desires or aims - but the repercussions will be instant as well. This will provide them with an opportunity to awaken if they choose to do so. 

Similarly, those who are in alignment will now experience their lives as an opportunity for real magic - as their positive vibrations link up with the higher Divine energy to manifest miracles on a daily basis.

It is up to each of us to set our intentions accordingly. If you know, realize, and recognize that the barriers are dissolving more rapidly than ever before, and welcome that energy, and embrace that opportunity, then spontaneous healing, spontaneous enlightenment, and perhaps spontaneous God-realization, are possible now.  

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Courage, Humility, Peace, Joy, Creativity, a sense of One, Service, Cooperation, Trust, right use of Power, Love, Wisdom, Life, Positivity, Strength, Vulnerability, Openness - these are some of the traits that are needed now, and that should be cultivated now.

Namaste = "the God in me bows to the God in you."
Love Consciousness = the Divine recognizing itself in all, everywhere, at all times.

The soul is the storehouse of experiences, memories, learned and unlearned lessons, and our connection to the Divine. When barriers dissolve, it opens us to tap into all the soul has recorded, all that it holds. If we allow, and accept, and embrace all that comes out of it, we reap the benefits instantly in the form of "free" consciousness. This is the payoff. If we resist, or deny, or ignore what comes out of it, we experience the payback of the separation of the energy, the un-consciousness. In that case, the energy cannot rise, so it stays stuck in darkness. But when we release it to the light, it rises, and manifests as goodness, as beauty, as love, as pure Divine presence.

A final note from Gordon: as I was typing this, my guides reminded me (or should I say gently reprimanded me) that although this information may not speak to everyone who reads it, I must not hold it back out of fear, as I have done these past several weeks. I must release it to the world and let it take its course. I hope it speaks to you, and that it perhaps positively changes the way you think, feel, and act in these most interesting times.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. In early 2006, she lapsed into a coma, and was rushed to the hospital. Anita's organs had shut down, and even after years of chemotherapy and other treatment, lemon-sized tumors filled her body. Doctors advised Anita's husband that she had less than 36 hours to live. But as Anita's family members rushed to her bedside to share her final moments, Anita was leaving her body and "crossing over" to another dimension of life - and love.

What happened after that can only be described as incredible. This is an amazing and magnificent story, and one that can truly transform our lives if we open our hearts to receive Anita's beautiful message.

Please watch Lilou's interview with Anita here.

Please visit Anita's website here.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm happy to be working with the renowned Christian Mystic, Author, and Teacher, Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows, editing and updating the 30th Anniversary Edition of her 1981 book Pathway of the Immortal, in preparation for its e-book release in 2012. As I discussed in a previous post, Walking the Path Part 2, I first met Elizabeth in 1981 shortly after she had originally written Pathway, and later became a student of hers for several years. There are thousands of books that endeavor to teach us about living a spiritual life, but I've always considered Pathway of the Immortal to be among the very best of its kind.

This is a book that can literally change one's life, by deepening one's understanding of what it means to walk the dedicated path of spiritual mastership. Having achieved Cosmic Consciousness (Union with God) herself in 1971, Elizabeth expertly teaches how to climb the mountains of mastership, and does so with an attention to detail and flair for the dramatic that could only come from one who has scaled those heights themselves. In Pathway of the Immortal, Elizabeth definitively explains such commonly-misunderstood concepts as Creation, Evolution, Past Lives, Karma, Life After Death, Meditation, Prophecy, Spiritual Powers, Biogenics, Healing, Humanity's Spiritual Destiny, and more. Along the way, some long-lost esoteric teachings are revealed, and some long-standing myths are shattered.

Although inexpensive used copies of the original Pathway can still be found on Amazon, I highly encourage anyone interested in this book to wait for the revised e-book version currently in the works. I'm hoping to include as a bonus an up-to-date interview with Elizabeth in which she reflects on the book, her life, and her 40+ years as a Mystic. That alone would be priceless, and worth waiting for the publication of the new version.

More to come on this project as we get closer to completion, but in the meantime here's a video of Elizabeth teaching Session #1 of her popular Spiritual Initiation class.