Honolua Bay, Maui

Saturday, June 25, 2011


More than any other healer or teacher I've seen, Gaile Lynn embodies the powerful archetype of the "New Feminine" - the magical, mystical, feminine energy that is now healing individual lives and transforming our world in the process. In Gaile's case, the New Feminine manifests in her deep connection to Nature, her profound sense of gratitude for All That Is, and in the way her spirit just radiates through her heart.

It was that incredible radiant spirit and beautiful open heart that first grabbed my attention, while watching an interview Gaile did from her home in Maui, Hawai'i for Lilou's Juicy Living Tour. Then, as I learned more about Gaile and her work, I discovered something else that truly blew me away: a 10-minute "I Am" Mantra she had created herself and recorded with her own vocals. It's brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed - easily the best work of its kind I've ever heard. 

I urge everyone who is interested in connecting with their Source and the power of the New Feminine to experience Gaile's amazing mantra, and if possible, to utilize it in their own contemplation, meditation or personal ritual. Gaile's I Am mantra is a wonderful gift from her heart to ours, and I believe it's an invaluable spiritual resource that can not only inspire deeper soul journeys, but remind us who we really are. 

Gaile has graciously allowed us to access her "I Am" Mantra here

Learn more about Gaile and her healing and teaching services here.

Watch Gaile's interview with Lilou for the Juicy Living Tour here.

Mahalo nui loa, Gaile!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our beloved co-creator Lilou is on the Big Island in Hawai'i, swimming with the dolphins! See her incredible videos here and here.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Something mysterious and truly profound has been unfolding around here the past several weeks. I'm not exactly sure what it is, or how to characterize it, but the shift in the energy I've been experiencing on a daily basis feels absolutely wonderful. The best way I can describe it is to quote the title of a song by Prince and Tamar from a few years ago, called Beautiful, Loved and Blessed. For well over a month now, I've felt more deeply connected to Spirit, to Nature, my heart, my soul, my intuition, my sense of purpose, and to the people in my life, than I can ever recall before.

My daily meditations have been unusually comforting, instructive, and peaceful - but even saying that doesn't quite do justice to the way I've felt both during and after meditation. My guides told me awhile back that changes were coming, and that I could expect a deepening or an expansion in my consciousness around the end of May - but I had no idea it would be this obvious or this powerful. Nothing in my external world has really changed (yet), but inside, everything feels different. On one hand, there is a sense of calm, and a peaceful acceptance as I go about my daily routine. On the other hand, part of me feels like shouting from the rooftops - and telling anyone who will listen how beautiful, loved and blessed they are, too.

Certain truths keep popping up into my consciousness over and over again, as if they want to make sure I don't forget. One is that life is an innately (or is it insanely) beautiful experience, if we will just awaken to that awareness and understanding. Every moment is an opportunity to see, feel, hear, taste, and touch the Divine - we are surrounded by it no matter who we are, where we are, or what we're doing at any given time. Another reminder is that no matter what our circumstances may be, or how present or aware we are of the Divine, we are truly never alone - we are always loved, always guided, always protected, always supported in every meaningful way. It always comes back to our state of consciousness, and how we choose to perceive life. If we perceive our life as a gift, as a blessing, as a miracle, then the Universe seems to respond in kind and send more confirmation of that reality to us. If we choose to focus too much on the perceived negative aspects of our challenges, or our circumstances - instead of living by what's real, and true, and lasting - then the Universe confirms that for us.

What's real and true and lasting to me is my constant connection to Spirit, Nature, my heart, my soul, my intuition, my sense of purpose, the people in my life, and opening myself to experience the Divine in all of its aspects. I am aware of it, I am grateful for it, and more than anything I am conscious of it. Perhaps there is a synergy, or some kind of exponential magic, that happens when we get in that space and we perceive life that way, where that blessed feeling keeps growing and growing until we surrender to it and allow all that beauty in. It sure feels that way right now.

What is real and true and lasting to you?

Friday, June 10, 2011


I was going to try to write some kind of introduction for this post - but the material contained in this essay is so concise, so powerful, and so full of wisdom, that I decided to just let it speak for itself.

If you want to understand what is unfolding with the transformation of our planet, and perhaps even discover a deeper, hidden aspect of your role in the transformation process, then you must read this.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We are living in a time of tremendous change and upheaval, on many levels. We are experiencing these changes in virtually every sphere of our lives: 1) Physically, in the natural/material world with a seemingly never-ending series of environmental crises - which also correlates with our bodies and the litany of health-related challenges so many people face now due to poor nutrition and the impurities in our air, water, and food supplies. 2) Interpersonally, in our relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, as many people are forced to confront life-altering roles and responsibilities brought about by aging parents, families losing their jobs and homes, retirees running out of money, and children growing up in a high-tech, latch-key world largely devoid of values. 3) Socially, as obsolete cultural institutions inevitably rot from within due to fraud, corruption, sex-abuse scandals, and endless war, and long-standing government regimes topple under the forces of revolution. 4) Globally, as the booming world population experiences the planet actually shrinking thanks to the instantaneous connection speed of the internet - and simultaneously wonders what will become of the human collective.

So that's the backdrop. All things considered, we've not seen changes of this magnitude since the 1960's, which, according to noted Bay Area astrologer Jessica Murray, were the cause that created the echo effect we're experiencing now. Apparently The Beatles, JFK, RFK, MLK, and Vietnam were only the beginning. Murray says "we've incarnated into a time of explosive social turmoil. I think our souls wanted action." But amidst all this chaos and turmoil, more than anything else these times we live in are an opportunity: a chance for incredible personal and spiritual transformation. The echoes of the 60's we're hearing are a clarion call to go deep within, to change ourselves and our world.

Given that these changes are occurring whether we want it or not, and whether we like it or not, the real questions then are these: how can we maximize this opportunity, so we not only survive the changes but actually thrive within them? How can we be, and what can we do, to really go deep, to suck every last drop of the juice out of this time, and embrace the chance we've been given - the chance of our lifetime. Because this is it. The time is now. There is no turning back, no going back to the old days or the old ways, no shrinking from this moment. Shakespeare said "all the world's a stage" and we are living in a time when each must play their part in the drama unfolding before us. Are you ready?

I believe what is most needed, what is required of each of us, in the years ahead - and just to clarify, I'm looking at the next 10 years as an absolutely critical timeframe in our joint evolution - is consciousness. But what do I mean by consciousness? Why is it so important now? Why is it the single most indispensable principle we all must cultivate at this time? There are several ways of understanding consciousness. Superficially, it means being awake, being aware, and paying attention. On a deeper level, consciousness means activating all our senses - and not just the 5 we most commonly use to go about our everyday lives. Consciousness means being present - Be * Here * Now - to a degree that you can actually transcend time and space and realize the Divine beauty and perfection that is all around you.

While consciousness alters the way we experience the outer world, it begins within. It begins with you. When you awaken, become aware, pay attention, and are present to what is unfolding around you, then you can access certain abilities and make certain connections that in turn enable you to consciously, proactively, intentionally, create your new life. You literally become a conscious co-creator, working with God/Goddess/All That Is to create the deep transformation you want to experience in your life. The result is like a ripple that becomes a wave on the ocean...as the positive effect of each person waking up impacts everyone else it touches. This is not an ego exercise - in fact, quite the opposite. Contrary to typical motivational techniques, this is not about setting goals, or making plans, or mapping out your success; although you may do those things. This is about surrendering to the flow that is already present, already happening all around you right now, and aligning yourself with that flow to create a new life, a new humanity, and ultimately a new world.

We can begin by consciously tuning in to the material world, which is reflected in our physical bodies and the natural environment. Proper diet, exercise, and health will all be critical in the challenging times ahead. Gardening in general, and growing our own food in particular, are both wonderful ways to simultaneously heal ourselves, increase our physical vitality, and consciously connect our souls to the living spirit of our Earthly Mother. Consciousness in relationships means setting aside petty disagreements of the past, practicing forgiveness, and recognizing that only by uniting in the spirit of cooperation can we create the lives we want. Emotionally, we all want and need to feel loved and appreciated. What better way to experience those beautiful, positive vibrations than to radiate them out to others as frequently as possible. It never ceases to amaze me how differently people respond to one another when they sense genuine caring and compassion.

Consciousness in society means recognizing that the old paradigms that were based on fear and greed are dying - and then letting them go. If they weren't sustainable in the first place, there's no point in trying to resuscitate them. Better to let them die, and instead focus our individual and collective energies on fresh, new ideas and bold new inventions that serve our greatest needs without enriching the few at the expense of the many. Similarly, we all must be courageous enough to look within ourselves and with all honesty confront those ingrained thoughts of division, selfishness, and superiority that we've held. Our lower nature actually thrives on unconsciousness...feeling, thinking, saying and doing the same things over and over. In order to be cre-ative and pro-active, we need to stop being re-active.

Consciousness in the global community means opening our minds to realizing that we are all much more alike than we are different, and opening our hearts to let that new sense of unity take root and grow. The divide-and-conquer politics of the past are history; humanity can no longer afford the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toll of living a fundamental lie by thinking ourselves separate and not equal. As we consciously evolve and awaken to our true nature as spiritual beings living in a material world, we will learn to apply our new-found wisdom to the well-being of the collective. Yes, we each have our own karma, our own lessons to learn, and each person must walk their own unique path to their highest destiny. But we all share this planetary classroom, and our mission is to create heaven on Earth, together.

The essence of consciousness is that of the Divine reflecting upon itself, in perfect peace and harmony. When we finally recognize that we are part of that Oneness, and that we can choose to experience it in every moment - within ourselves, within each other, within nature, and in Spirit - then the infinite universe of perfection, possibility and potentiality opens up and welcomes you in. It's all there, just waiting for you. Still your body and it's there. Close your eyes and it's there. Silence your mind and it's there. Open your heart and it's there.

Wake up!      

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Musical gurus like John Lennon, Maurice White, and Stevie Wonder were the brilliant creative spark behind my initial spiritual journeys as a teenager, but as I moved into adulthood I longed for more direct personal experience with a spiritual teacher. I eventually found what I'd been looking for just a few months shy of my 23rd birthday.

In early 1981, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a seminar by a woman named Elizabeth Burrows. What first captured my attention was that, in the picture accompanying the ad, Elizabeth was dressed in a white tunic. The ad described the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Burrows as a Christian Mystic, who taught something called The Secret Teachings Of Jesus. I had never been a Christian, but I had no particular feelings one way or the other about Jesus as a spiritual teacher; it was his Bible-thumping followers who annoyed me. But the idea of learning about his "secret teachings" definitely piqued my interest. As a critic and skeptic of all mainstream religions, I was intrigued by Elizabeth's willingness to not only embrace, but teach publicly, a subject that flew squarely in the face of traditional Church dogma. 

I attended that seminar and found the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Burrows to be a compelling speaker, with a commanding presence that exuded a distinct blend of power, love and wisdom. During her introduction, Elizabeth claimed her expertise in the esoteric (hidden) teachings of Christianity, and described her spiritual journey in terms of having previously attained the state of Cosmic Consciousness (or Oneness with God) in 1971. I had read and heard about the concept of spiritual enlightenment and Cosmic Consciousness, and thought I understood the basic idea - but in Elizabeth Burrows, I saw a real person whose very being clearly emanated a higher vibration. Elizabeth went on to explain that she wore the all-white clothing to honor and respect the traditions of the Essenes; the white symbolizing the purity of soul consciousness manifest in the ancient Brotherhood of which Jesus was believed to be a member.

Elizabeth Burrows taught that the highly-advanced spiritual state of the Essene communities, and which she herself had achieved, was not the exclusive domain of Jesus, some famous saints, or a chosen few: Cosmic Consciousness/Union with God was available to all, and was in fact the inevitable destiny of all spiritual aspirants who had passed the necessary trials of countless lifetimes. According to Elizabeth, each and every person would eventually conquer the lofty peaks of spiritual mastership - because God's eternal Laws of evolution and soul progression promised as much. If there ever was such a thing as a key to unlocking the highest potential of one's soul, I was convinced that Elizabeth Burrows had found it, and I knew upon meeting her that I wanted and needed more of what she had to offer.

The impression Elizabeth Burrows left on me with that initial seminar proved to be indelible. I purchased two of her books (Pathway Of The Immortal and The Gospel Of Peace Of Jesus The Christ) that first day and immersed myself in a wisdom that was both simple and profound. Some of Elizabeth's teachings relating to Jesus and the Essenes were based on the works of Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, who had discovered the original texts of The Essene Gospel Of Peace buried in the Archives of the Vatican in the 1920's. Elizabeth studied directly with Professor Szekely prior to his passing in 1979, and spoke fondly of this spiritual giant of a man whom she reasoned had left the world a legacy it could likely never repay. From that point forward, I studied Elizabeth's books side-by-side with Professor Szekely's material, and before long I discovered a strong inner connection to Professor that would only deepen in the years ahead. Elizabeth Burrows was in some ways the spiritual descendant of Professor Szekely, and in my heart I felt blessed just to be part of their incredible lineage.

When I read in The Gospel Of Peace that Jesus had actually taught his inner circle of disciples a health and nutrition program based upon strict vegetarianism, I immediately cut all meat products from my diet. As it turned out, becoming a vegetarian was one of the easier aspects of walking what Elizabeth called "The Path Of Mastership." Although I occasionally attended classes or seminars, and continued reading the books, it quickly became apparent that I lacked both the discipline and the maturity to progress much further on my spiritual path. Elizabeth often reminded her students that man cannot serve two masters, and my 1980's music-business lifestyle wasn't about to go quietly into that Dark Night.

To be continued...