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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here's one of my favorite mantras for meditation and contemplation. I created this a few years ago, and still use it quite often. I've found it highly effective in calming my conscious mind so I can enter my inner meditative space in a very peaceful, relaxed, and open state. If you already have a meditation practice or a particular technique that suits your needs, but sometimes have difficulty quieting your body and/or your mind, you may want to try incorporating this mantra into your personal meditation practice. There is great meaning and power in these words, so even if you choose not to incorporate them into your actual meditation, you can silently repeat this mantra to yourself at any time throughout your day as a means of soothing your mind and your spirit.  

The meditation practice that I've found works best for me follows these steps: first, get into a comfortable position, where you can remain quiet and still for a sufficient period of time, perhaps 20-30 minutes. Then, with your eyes closed, very slowly and silently repeat the mantra to yourself several times, matching the flow of your breathing to the rhythmic phrasing of the mantra, until you're in your desired meditative state. Once you've reached the state in which you wish to dwell, you can either continue repeating the mantra at your own pace, or transition into your usual meditation practice. Here is the mantra, for your consideration:

"I Allow and Accept
All That Is
In Peace and Harmony"

This mantra was inspired by my favorite book of all the sacred writings I've ever read: Lao-Tzu's Tao Te Ching. In the spirit of the Tao, this mantra is designed to take us out of judgment and separation, and into a place of flow and serenity. There are five essential principles within this mantra, and here is what each of them means to me...

The first principle is the affirmation "I Allow and Accept." The purpose here is to free ourselves from the illusion of the ego's need to try to control all that happens in life, and also to let go of the need to second-guess or judge all that happens in life. When we consciously choose to allow life to unfold in its own time, and in its own way, according to the natural Divine flow that governs all being and all life, we then open ourselves to the fullness of potential. Miracles can and do occur when we're in that space of alignment with the flow of life. But to merely allow is not sufficient unto itself - we must also accept what it is that flows into our lives from the Divine. We might be tempted to say "Well, I allowed life to unfold, and look what happened - it's all wrong!" If we could dispense with the constant judgment of ourselves, of the process of life, and instead freely accept what flows to us, we could deepen our understanding that a higher power is at work in our lives, in the world, and in the universe.

The second principle is designed to clarify exactly what it is you are to Allow and Accept: "All That Is." Those three words leave no room for confusion or misinterpretation. All That Is literally covers everything we can experience in our lives. If we allow, but then say "I accept this, but not that" we actually sabotage or undermine the entire process of aligning ourselves with Spirit and of flowing with that state where miracles manifest themselves. Certain events in our lives may appear one way at the moment when they occur, but then take on an entirely different perspective in the days, weeks, months, or even years that follow. Of course, this is usually how we learn lessons in life: by re-evaluating the events of our lives from a position of greater awareness later on. But how much easier could we make it on ourselves if we affirmed from the beginning that everything that happens is for our highest good?

The third principle describes our spiritual reward; the state of mind we will inevitably experience as a result of choosing to Allow and Accept All That Is: Peace and Harmony. Isn't that what we all really want? Isn't that what we all wish for our world? Imagine how much better our individual and collective lives would be if we experienced more peace and more harmony. It begins within. As more of us learn to cultivate those principles and qualities within ourselves, then the outer world will reflect the same back to us as well. If you believe that thoughts are things, that we create our outer experience with our thoughts, and that the outer world is a manifestation of our inner being, then you also know that as we evolve and mature spiritually the world changes too. It's an endless circle, and a beautiful expression of our true nature, and our innate power, as spiritual beings.

I'll be sharing more mantras and meditative insights in the weeks to come. In the meantime, please let me know how this one works for you!


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  1. hi gordon majack. my name is ismael arguijo
    and i seen the mantra that you posted on the internet. I will try to chant it in my mind and
    see if i can see how i can meditate and feel
    the mantras words come to life. Let me know of o
    other mantras that i can resite adn learn.